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I am an ethicist with a special interest in animal ethics. I am fascinated by animals and humans – what we have in common, how we differ and how we can and should help other animals. I have been working with Dr. Jane Goodall and the Jane Goodall Institute for thirty years. I believe in building dialogue and bridges. As a guest professor at various universities, I specialize in delivering presentations on and writing about animal ethics and animal-human relationships. Welcome!

Koen Margodt
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Jane Goodall at 90

A loving tribute from Jane Goodall's family and friends to a most amazing, iconic and indefatigable woman.

Edited by Marc Bekoff and Koen Margodt

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In this essay, Dr. Jane Goodall and I argue that factory farms are at the same time one of the most serious ethical challenges ever and in principle one of the easiest to resolve. Factory farms threaten billions of organisms and our planet. Moving to a plant-based diet is a win-win-win for animals, the planet and our own health.

“One of the most powerful essays I've ever read on why factory farming must end, to be replaced by more plant-based eating.”

(Prof. Dr. Peter Singer, Emeritus Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University)

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“Koen Margodt is one of the most profound and nuanced scholars within the field of animal ethics. His work is a perfect intellectual antidote against polarization and misunderstanding.”

Prof. Dr. Johan Braeckman
Prof. Dr. Johan Braeckman
Ghent University

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A Dolphin Plea in the Flemish Parliament

12 April 2024

On Wednesday 6 March 2024 Dr Jane Goodall and I gave a testimony on keeping dolphins in captivity for the Members of Parliament of the Flemish Animal Welfare Commission. I shared a video message of Dr. Goodall. Together we made a plea why the Flemish government should legally ban the keeping, breeding and importing of dolphins in Flanders. We argued that the remaining dolphins in the Boudewijn Seapark near Bruges should be retired in a seaside sanctuary. The animal advocacy group GAIA had suggested the Commission to invite both of us, for which we are grateful.

On Wednesday 20 March questions by Members of Parliament were answered. As the dolphinarium in Bruges may be allowed to further keep dolphins, with a new evaluation only taking place in 2037, we have written an open letter to the Members of Parliament, which has been endorsed by various marine mammal experts, ethicists and other animal advocates. Additional information on dolphins can be found here.

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