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Some organisations that inspire me and that you may want to support as well.

Chimpanzees in Gombe
© JGI - André Zacher

Jane Goodall Institute

The Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) works for a better world for animals, people and the environment. Inspired by Dr. Jane Goodall, some thirty chapters around the world help chimpanzees, conserve nature, support local communities, inspire young people to set up Roots & Shoots projects and plant millions of trees and seeds of hope around the world.

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Moon bears playing in a pool
© Animals Asia - Jill Robinson

Animals Asia

Animals Asia offers a new life to moon bears. These animals have been kept for decades in tiny cages for their bile. They’ve survived the very worst of captivity. Jill Robinson and her team give them a new life in spacious, green sanctuaries with pools and climbing structures in China and Vietnam.

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Rescued pigs at Farm Sanctuary
© We Animals Media - Jo-Anne McArthur

We Animals Media

We Animals Media is the world’s leading animal photojournalism agency. Founder Jo-Anne McArthur and other courageous photojournalists bring captivating visual testimonies of how animals are used for human purposes.

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Whale Sanctuary Project

The Whale Sanctuary Project is a pioneering project on a historical mission to move orcas, belugas and other cetaceans from dire captive conditions to seaside sanctuaries, where they can live in a more spacious, natural and varied environment.

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